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Clothes Worn on Top of and Under Shirts

The majority of shirts are made of material that is so thin that in order for the wearer to remain warm they must wear other items of clothing. This can be done either by wearing the items under the shirt or over the shirt. It is a fact that the t-shirt started as an under garment and was particularly popularly with the military of the United States during the Second World War who wear it beneath their uniform. Today that role is popularly filled by the European vest.

The vest is close fitting and sleeveless and is worn to keep the wearer warm. Sometimes string vests are worn with there being holes within the material like a fishing net. Some people wear the string vests on their own as a fashion item. It the wearer has a healthy body the vest looks good, if they don’t then their appearance isn’t quite so appealing. There are also items of clothing that are worn on top of shirts and one of the most versatile is the blazer. This form of sports jacket can be worn in a variety of circumstances. It is equally at home for both smart and casual occasions.

The good images of the string vest
bad string
The bad images of the string vest

The blazer is often worn by people who are going to work or even going out to dinner. However it is also used by sports teams and many of them will have their own special blazers with their clubs badge sewn on the breast pocket. When cricketers play at Lords Cricket Ground even during the hours of play they must wear a cricket blazer when walking around the pavilion. Even more formal than blazers are suits. These can be in the form of two piece suits or three piece suits. The suit is a matching set of jacket and trousers. As well as making the shirt look smarter it will provide the wearer more pockets to store pens and diaries. The three-piece suit will include a waist coat. This is a tightly fitted sleeveless garment, often with a silk back. The waist coat will mainly match the suit in its color, but there has been a recent trend for people to wear waist coats that are brightly colored and give greater style to the outfit.

In cooler climates people are likely to wear jumpers with their shirts. The jumpers can be made from a variety of material although lamb’s wool jumpers are the most popular. There are a variety of styles with the neck either being a “round neck” or a “v neck”. When a tie is being worn with the shirt the “v neck” is the most popular jumper.

Ricky Ponting of Australia and Andrew Strauss of England proudly wear their blazers

The jumper has become a fashion accessory. Their popularity has risen as some sports stars have been seen wearing certain manufacturers. This is especially true in the world of golf when the Open is played in the United Kingdom the unreliable weather will often result in the golfers wearing a “v neck” sweater on top of their polo shirts.

Sweaters are now a top seller in the fashion world. As well as brand names producing them they come in different styles. Some sweaters are baggy while others come in a tight fitting style. The wearers of the sweater also put their own personal preference on them with some people wearing them without a shirt while others will tuck them inside their trousers. There are a number of clothing items that are worn with a shirt. Some are worn out of necessity while others are worn to just make the shirt look better

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