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Fashion Names and the Casual Shirt

Young men for decades have prided themselves more and more on what shirts they wear and what label they are seen in. It used to be that ladies were the only ones interested in fashion but today this simply isn’t the case and a man will happily pay a very high price for a shirt just for the logo that it is displaying. This holds true with whatever the style of shirt. It does not matter whether the shirt is a dress shirt, a casual shirt, a polo shirt or even a simple t-shirt, the brand name will have important consequences on the price and the chances of a completed sale.

Battistoni shirts
Battistoni shirts and their distinctive style

Dress shirts are not normally worn as a symbol of fashion, but the prices will vary enormously depending on the brand of the shirt. At the top end of the market are Battistoni shirts. The Italian manufacturer has been producing shirts since 1946. The shirts are symbolised by their trademark, unmistakable collar and many shirts are pin stripes in different varieties of blue. The shirt that most optimises men’s fashion is the casual shirt. All the top brand names produce their own signature shirts. These shirts can cost as much as 1100 US dollars as is the case with Versace’s Signature 17 Print Silk Shirt. Not every customer can afford this shirt but the designer that will appeal to many customers is Ralph Lauren. This brand name will have no problems getting customers to part with up to 100 US dollars for one of their stylishly designed shirts.

The emergence of the polo shirt as a fashion item came in the late 1960’s and the 1970’s. Firstly as a result of the music culture in the United Kingdom. The growing popularity of the Mods saw their youngsters dressed in polo shirts and their chosen brand was Fred Perry. Mods were seen as wearing Parka rain coats riding Lambretta scooters whilst still sporting a Fred Perry polo shirt. In the 1970’s the polo shirt kept its close association with brand names, but what emerged was more of a sinister relationship. British football had been blighted for a number of years by terrace hooliganism and in the beginning the thug’s trade mark dress revolved around the Dr Marten Boots.

Fred Perry shirt
A mod wearing his Fred Perry shirt sitting on his Lambretta

However, in the late 1970s the hooligans drifted over to a more casual style of dress wear. Designer trainers with designer caps, jackets and of course polo shirts. It wasn’t just the Fred Perry shirts that were popular, but the stylish European brands were emerging on the terraces. Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Ralph Lauren were all being worn by the youngsters, although it would be debatable if these fashion houses would have been pleased with this new image that their shirts were bringing.

Brand names are now big business in their production of t-shirts. The normal designer names have their own shirts, but the increasing popularity of the extreme sports has led to the emergence of certain brand names that only really appear with the t-shirt. Companies who specialise in these types of t-shirts are O’Neill and Billabong. They specialise in other types of street wear as well as t-shirts, but do not venture into dress shirts.

Shirts are certainly big business. Men who purchase shirts are looking for a good product and a comfortable fit. However there does appear to be a fine dividing line between price and brand name. While still searching for a good price, most men nowadays are happy to spend more in order to wear a shirt displaying the right label.

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