The shirt as part of a uniform

The shirt has always played a crucial role in being part of a uniform. Regardless of the design of the uniform, if the shirt that accompanies it is not the correct style, color, or even material then the effect and of the appearance will suffer.

A smart school boy

A smart school boyEveryone has at some stage had the experience of wearing a uniform and usually it starts when people attend their school. The majority of secondary school pupils in the United Kingdom are required to wear a shirt to go with a blazer and trousers. Cries of “tuck that shirt in” and “do that top bottom up” are heard regularly in school corridors throughout the country.

Some schools will expect their pupils to wear a grey or light blue shirt on normal school days, but on special occasions such as speech days then the white shirt will be expected to be worn. The uniform at Eton College even requires the junior pupils to wear a stiff white collar to accompany the three piece suit.

The police departments in every country require a uniform to be worn. In the United States most police forces tend to wear dark shirts when they are on active duty. This is so that they are not easy to identify in the dark. However some police departments like the Miami Police Department wear white shirts on special occasions while in New York some of the city’s senior police wear white shirts.

The different shirts of the army and the police

The different shirts of the army and the policeIn the UK there has always been a choice for the police departments to wear either a white or light blue colored shirt. In recent times more police forces are wearing white, short sleeved shirts which makes them look smart set against their dark trousers and jackets.

Shirts are worn in the British army but the army has twelve separate categories of dress. The shirt is worn in No 2 dress and is used for wearing when performing formal duties. All personnel are issued with the fawn colored cotton shirts when they enlist regardless of position.

The shirts of the army differ from those won by the RAF which are light blue in color. The air force where a variety of long and shirt sleeved shirts for different occasions, and they even wear a dark blue shirt on some service working dress duties.

Blue shirts of the navy

Blue shirts of the navyThe Navy wear a combination of white and blue shirts and this will depend on the task in hand. The most recent development has been to issue shirts with Velcro rather than buttons as it is more manageable in difficult weather occasions.

However, it is not only paramilitary groups that wear uniforms and the health services around the world all have their personnel dressed in a uniform that reflects the hospital’s cleanliness. Over the years the dress of doctors and nurses has changed, as their dress is now more suitable for the work they are doing.

Many medical workers wear “scrubs”. They are a short sleeved v neck t-shirt and very simple in design. They are supposed to be healthy as it allows less areas for germs to gather in. The old doctor’s coats are still worn but they have been banned from all surgical areas.

Scrubs worn inside a US prison

Another area where scrubs are worn are in prisons. Each prison is home to a variety of uniforms, with those being worn by the prisoners and those being worn by the officers. The scrubs are worn generally by those serving time in US prisons while in the UK prisons the inmates where grey sweat shirts.

Scrubs worn inside a US prisonThe officers controlling the prisons wear standard black trousers with a white shirt. On their shirt is their ranking insignia which shows what level of officer they are. Today the prison officers try to do most of their work in small teams.

Another area where uniforms are worn and that is on the sports pitches. The amount of money that is being invested in the shirts that are worn is phenomenal. In some sports the re designing of the shirt has undoubtedly resulted in higher levels of performance.

This is especially true in rugby union. The shirt has always been designed to cope with the rigors of a contact sport and the old shirts were made from heavy cotton. Although strong this material was so heavy that during hot weather the players would suffer from dehydration. The modern shirts are now made from polyester threads which are lighter and breathable, allowing the players to perform at far greater intensity and for longer.

Uniforms are even seen in the entertainment industry. A visit to the casino is not quite as restrictive as it once was. Prior to the emergence of the online gambling sites the majority of casinos had a strict dress code for the gamblers. However, the recent explosion in the on line sites such as means that people do need to put on a collar and tie in order to go and play their chosen games.

However, the security at the casino will be in uniform which will often involve a white shirt and tie to reflect a professional image. Inside the casino the croupiers wear ties and white shirts, with some even wearing bow ties with dress shirts.